Who am I?

Ramón Mollá Vayá Assistant profesor at the Universitat Politècnica de València. Work in the area of Software and Computer Systems.

Assigned to

Computer Systems and Computation Departament

Computer Graphics Group (GIG)

Research Institute of Automation and Industrial Informátic

Technical School of Computer Engineering

Logo BB.AA Fine Arts Facultaty

Areas of interest

Video games, virtual reality, computer animation


Here you can see some of the contributions to journals and national and international conferences. My areas of interest in UNESCO codes are: 1203.09 (computer-assisted design), 1203.10 (Teaching With Computer Help), 1203.26 (simulation) and to a lesser extent 3304.07 (Computer Peripherals), 3304.10 (Terminals, Devices Graphics and tracers) and 3304.17 (Real Time Systems)


Logo MIARFIDMáster en Inteligencia Artificial, Reconocimiento de Formas e Imagen Digital

Máster en Animación

AVMMáster en Artes Visuales y Multimedia

Grado en InformaticaGrado en Ingeniería Informática


I have occasionally appeared in some media as press, radio or TV.

Social Networking

Currently you can contact me at , , researchgate, academia-logo